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If you want to stick to the original look then this is the camera for you. Our Black cameras are specially selected for their near perfect original covers. With these we choose the just left the factory look. Absolutely gorgeous!


Olympus Trip 35: Original Black

Serial Number: 5098388

Date of Manufacture: February 1982

Condition: Good

All cameras come with our free Olympus Trip 35 Accessories Web Bundle.

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This camera failed the initial inspection to be sold as “Mint”. 

Please note very slight dint on top of camera near serial number. Hardly noticeable. 

The camera is 100% Functioning and has been fully serviced. Comes with the standard 30 Day Guarantee. Extended Warranty can be purchased if required.

Camera Serial Number: 5098388

D.O.M: February 1982

Workshop Checklist:

✅Full check for lens / viewfinder dust, haze or fungus.

✅Exposure meter / needle mechanism air dusted, cleaned and lubricated.

✅Under Exposure Red Flag air dusted, cleaned, lubricated and checked in low to bright light.

✅Internal wiring checked.

✅Light seals replaced with high grade new seals.

✅Rear Door catch and correct fit / alignment.

✅Focus settings checked.

✅ASA settings checked.

✅Camera rattle check for any loose screws or parts in camera.

✅Viewfinder and Micro Window air dusted and cleaned.

✅Aperture blades checked in low / bright light and through the f stops for correct exposure position.

✅1/40 and 1/200 Shutter speed check.

✅Winding and rewinding mechanisms checked are operating smoothly.

✅Frame counter checked from 1 to 36 exposures with test film.

✅Interior film chamber cleaned and sanitised.

✅Camera body cleaned, polished and sanitised.

✅Silica Gel pouch placed in film compartment.


Items completed if required.

⚙️Lens stripped and cleaned. YES

⚙️Viewfinder cleaned inside, tightened and tape cover replaced. YES

⚙️Aperture mechanism disassembled, cleaned and tested.  YES

⚙️Shutter button mechanism cleaned and lubricated. YES

⚙️Black and Silver body touch up paint. SLIGHT

⚙️Remove old skin, alcohol clean body. YES

⚙️Replace with new / correct grade camera leather. NO


Jason’s workshops notes:

Good looking camera. Red Flag was sticky but now works like new. Slight haze in lens, now clear. Viewfinder had a lot of dust / sand in it… now looks like new. Great camera.


Olympus - Japan

Point and Shoot

Film Type

Film Size

12, 24 or 36 Exposures


Manual film loading, advance and rewind

Hot shoe and Terminal

40mm Olympus D. Zuiko

Lens Size


0.9m to infinity

Shutter Speed
1/40 or 1/200, automatically selected, no bulb setting

f/2.8 - f/22

Sensitivity Range
25-400 ASA

Power Source
None required


Approx 410g


124×72×57 mm (4.9×2.8×2.2 in)


We're confident that after bringing your camera back to life with some loving care and attention that it will serve you well for many years to come.

We offer a free 30 day warranty on all our cameras and accessories. This should be enough time to get familiar with your new pride and joy, check it over and also run a 35mm film through the camera too.

We also offer extended warranties for extra peace of mind and full details of these can be found on our warranty page, however here is a summary below. A Warranty Pack can be added to your cart in the camera purchase options. 

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